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What Your Endorsement Means

Your endorsement of the Nairobi Declaration for Detainee Telecommunications Rights helps it move towards international adoption. It opens up detainee access to families, counselling, education, and other necessary services.

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Why Endorse the Declaration?

A declaration is nothing without the international support behind it backing and fighting for the principles that the declaration supports. With the overarching goal of gaining United Nation’s recognition of the Nairobi Declaration of paramount importance to us, each additional endorsement moves us one step closer to international adoption of the agreement. While people may be detained for justifiable reasons, there is also a need to still treat them like human beings and extend to them the rights afforded to most in the outside world. Access to telecommunications and to information is paramount to ensure that prisoners are able to contact friends, loved ones, and legal counsel, while also allowing opportunities for them to develop skills to use when they are released to the outside world to help them reintegrate into general society.

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