Nairobi Declaration for Detainee Telecommunications Rights

Prison visit of the delegates of the Nairobi Conference organised by the Kenyan government
Nairobi Conference attendees at the Naivasha Prison. Centre is the Kenyan prisons head, Mary Muthoni Muriuki, right of her is Charlie Sullivan, head of International CURE
Join us in supporting the Nairobi Declaration of Detainee Telecommunications Rights and improve the lives of detainees around the globe. Created at the 9th International CURE conference in Nairobi hosted by Pan Africa CURE, the declaration aims to improve the lives of detainees by codifying and laying out standards for prisoners’ access to telecommunications around the globe. Join a global movement to better the lives of detainees around the globe by supporting and endorsing the Nairobi Declaration and spreading the word to those who can help make a difference around the globe.

Watch a Video on the Nairobi Conference

Nairobi Declaration works towards prisoners' rights and criminal justice reform
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